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 Kisrécse - Handbook of Zala county (Zala megye kézikönyve) - Hatvan, CEBA-Hungary Ltd, 1998.jpg

Nyilvános Nyilvános

Accessibility: The village of Kisrécse is located 8 km north-east of Nagykanizsa. It is accessible by road and railway.
Characteristics: According to archaeological finds discovered in the area, the vicinity of the village was populated as early as the prehistoric ages. The name of the village was first mentioned in written documents in 1263. Although in 1566 the village was burnt down by the Turks, the settlement was slowly re-populated. After it had been burnt down again in 1600, it remained deserted for a century. The population of Kisrécse has been decreasing in the last several decades. Currently there are 186 residents. The rate of unemployment is 4%. The village has a culture house, a library and a sports field. The level of infrastructure is fairly high. 100% of the flats have running water, 100% of the roads are paved. The cooperative of the predominantly agricultural village went under after the change of regime, and there is no agriculture either.

This text came from the following book:

Title: Handbook of Zala county (Zala megye kézikönyve)
Series: County handbooks of Hungary (Magyarország megyei kézikönyvei)
Chief editor: Hóbor József
Publisher: (Hatvan), CEBA-Hungary Ltd, 1998
ETO: 908.439.121(035) ; 050.8(439.121)
ISBN: 963-9089-18-2
Pages: 488-1040 p.
Remark: Closed on: 1998. márc. 31.